Family Fiesta Space Adventure at Monash University Performing Arts Centres

Family Fiesta Space Adventure at Monash University Performing Arts Centres

Discover Family Fiesta: A Stellar Space Event for Families

Blast off to an interstellar adventure at the Family Fiesta from 3 to 6 July 2024 at the Monash University Performing Arts Centres.

This space-themed event promises a captivating journey through the cosmos with activities and performances designed to inspire wonder and discovery in children and adults alike.

Family Fiesta Dates and Location

Dates: Wednesday, 3 July to Saturday, 6 July 2024
Times: 10 AM to 4 PM
Location: Monash University Performing Arts Centres, 49 Scenic Boulevard, Clayton, VIC 3800

Exciting Family Fiesta Activities and Space-Themed Performances

The Family Fiesta boasts a plethora of activities and performances designed to spark curiosity and delight:

Nat Bartsch’s Forever, and No Time At All Performance Details

On Wednesday, 3 July at 10:00 AM, step into the David Li Sound Gallery for “Forever, and No Time At All,” a performance by Nat Bartsch. Tickets are available for $15. Buy Tickets

Premiere of Little Blue Dot: A Magical Puppet Theatre Show

Catch the premiere of “Little Blue Dot” at the Alexander Theatre on Wednesday, 3 July at 11:00 AM, and on Thursday, 4 July at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM. Presented by Lemony S Puppet Theatre, this visually striking performance uses magical puppetry to explore the universe through the eyes of a child and their dad on a stargazing adventure. Tickets range from $15 to $20. Buy Tickets

Hold a Meteorite at Lunar Station with Scienceworks

From 3 to 5 July at 11:00 AM, visit the Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts to hold a real meteorite at the “Lunar Station” with Scienceworks. This free event dives into the mysteries of the moon, allowing you to explore its seas and unravel other cosmic wonders. No ticket is required for this interactive and educational experience.

Dance and Learn at Moon Moves with Scienceworks

Gear up for some cosmic dance moves at “Moon Moves with Scienceworks” from 3 to 5 July at 10:15 AM, held at The Count’s. This free event teaches participants to moonwalk and learn about the science behind lunar exploration. It’s a fun way to combine physical activity with space education, and no ticket is necessary.

Interactive Space Play Activities for Kids and Families

From 3 to 5 July at 10:00 AM, “Space Play” invites attendees to wander through a unique biosphere at the Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts. This free event features mini planets with exotic plants and allows participants to create mini gardens on mini Earth balls and design alien companions. It’s a hands-on activity that encourages creativity and environmental awareness.

Family Fiesta: Ideal for Families with Kids Aged 3-12

The Family Fiesta is perfect for families with children aged 3 to 12 years, ensuring that there is something for all age groups.

Parents can enjoy the educational activities, while children are engaged by the interactive experiences.

Nearby Attractions: Monash Gallery of Art, Jells Park, and Chadstone Shopping Centre

While at the Family Fiesta, explore nearby attractions such as:

  • Monash Gallery of Art: Stunning exhibitions and garden spaces.
  • Jells Park: Ideal for a family picnic with open spaces and walking trails.
  • Chadstone Shopping Centre: Extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

How to Get to Monash University Performing Arts Centres

The Monash University Performing Arts Centres are accessible by car, public transport, and bike:

  • By Car: Ample parking on-site. Enter via Wellington Road or Blackburn Road.
  • By Public Transport: Take the Cranbourne or Pakenham line to Clayton Station, then catch bus route 703 or 733 to the Monash University bus loop.
  • By Bike: Bike racks are available at the venue.

Family Fiesta Ticket Information and Accessibility Details

  • Tickets: Purchase tickets online in advance to secure your spot; door tickets are also available.
  • Accessibility: The venue is fully accessible with ramps and seating for those with mobility needs.

For more information and to view the full program, visit the Monash University Performing Arts Centres website.

Join the Family Fiesta for a Space-Themed Adventure

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary space-themed adventure at the Family Fiesta.

From holding a real meteorite to racing lunar rovers, and from space opera singing to creating alien companions, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re a local or visitor, the Family Fiesta offers an enriching educational experience.

Bond with your family and explore the wonders of space.